Boobies – Snails that Float

I sometimes catch rainbow trout with a cache of snail shells in their stomachs. It’s been said that you could use these trout to join a band and if you handle the fish, you sometimes can hear a sound of the shells shifting inside. I’m not sure why some trout target snails with their non-digesting shells, but it does happen and so, fly patterns have been developed to imitate said snail.

Booby Snail

The Kamloops Booby Fly: Snail Pattern Click here for the tying instructions and pattern background.
Hook: Mustad C49S #12
Thread: black 210 denier
Tail: red stretch floss
Body: peacock herl
Rib: silver or gold wire
Thorax: peacock herl or none
Head: white glass bead
Boobies: dark gray foam cut


~ by Darren M on April 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Boobies – Snails that Float”

  1. great pattern. I’ve caught tons of lacustrine ranbows with snails in their stomach. this fly might do they trick. Interested in exchanging blog links?

  2. Sure, Great site you have. Link added to the roll.

  3. Cool. Thanks!

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