Matt Stansberry Pike Fly

A nice tutorial for big massive flies pike flies. I used a ton of the saltwater yak hair on some streamers for a customer last year and loved the results. The hair has a bit of translucence similar (but not quite as nice) to polar bear, but you can easily find it in a 12 inch + length. The technique of tying in materials and folding them back is going to create a really durable fly. Let those teeth fly, chuck and duck.

~ by Darren M on June 16, 2010.

One Response to “Matt Stansberry Pike Fly”

  1. Great tutorial. I love this fly. I first came across this pattern while fishing for stripers in Rhode Island. I have used it for stripers in the southeast with great results too. I tie the body with “Big Fly Fiber” instead of the yak hair (it really builds bulk w/o adding weight or absorbing water), but otherwise I tie it the same way.

    Great job. I enjoyed the post and video.


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