8 Royal Wulff’s

This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic Royal Wulff. 8 Maids a milking translates to using calf tail. The Wulff series is one I haven’t tied a whole bunch of, but I have tied a fair share on the end of my line over the years.

On the eighth day of Christmas my Ghillie tied for me
8 Royal Wulffs
7 Baron’s Swinging
6 Evil Weevils
5 Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
4 Baby Buggers
3 PEI Flies,
2 Blae and Black
And a soft hackle Partridge and Orange

Royal Wulff Dry Fly

Royal Wulff – Click here for a step by step tutorial

Hook: Standard Dry Fly Hook Size 8-20
Thread: Black 6/0 for larger sizes, and 8/0 for smaller sizes.
Wing: White calf body hair.
Tail: Moose body hair.
Body: Peacock herl and red floss.
Hackle: Coachman brown dry fly hackle.


~ by Darren M on December 20, 2007.

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