Purple Heron – Charlie Dickson

The Heron is a classic Spey, and timeless in its appearance. Syd Glasso was a master at tying these flies and I consider myself lucky to have seen a few in the flesh. Charlie has done an awesome job of recreating this classic. You can check out this video (CLICK HERE) for a video of the Orange Heron. the flies show two different variations, but it is hard to choose between which I prefer. I guess that I could give the edge to Charlie’s fly. Great tutorial Charlie, I hope to see more in the future. To see the entire tutorial, click here.

Purple Heron - Charlie Dickson

Purple Heron - Charlie Dickson

Hook: Up-eye Salmon Hook
Tag: Oval Silver Tinsel
Rib: Flat Silver Tinsel and Oval Silver Tinsel
Body: Rear Half: Purple Floss, Front Half: Purple Dubbing
Body Hackle: Dyed Purple Blue Eared Pheasant; or, Dyed Purple Ring-neck Pheasant Rump Hackle
Throat: Teal Flank
Wing: Four white hackle tips
Head: Black Thread

~ by Darren M on June 15, 2010.

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