Marmalade Skies

This is a cool little hair wing from a blog that is new to me, The Classic Angler. I thought this was a cool pattern, so here you go. Click the image to read the story behind this creative tie. This is a great looking fly and I hope to see more from Erik in the future.

Marmalade Skies Hair wing Salmon Fly

Marmalade Skies

Hook: 2/0 Bartleet
Tip: Fine oval gold long
Tag: Burnt yellow floss
Tail: Four peacock sword barbs tilted upward to meet wing
Butt: Black ostrich
Ribbing: Med. Oval gold followed by small oval gold
Body: Rear in front of butt, six to seven turns of orange floss, Orange Angora Goat mixed with hot orange SLF remainder
Body Hackle: Claret neck
Wing: Four peacock herls under yellow dyed coyote. Orange coyote over.
Collar: Doctor blue followed by kingfisher blue
Head: Black


~ by Darren M on February 4, 2010.

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