White Miller Soft Hackle

Just a little change of pace. This fly is tied up for the Firehole river in early summer. It is a caddis emerger pattern, and the colour should make it easy to see floating in the film in almost any condition. The ice dub will give this pattern some good action once it’s combed out and fished, as well as creating some gaseous looking pockets. There is a great tip on creating a dubbing brush tool in here as well. One other piece of advise I can give you is that if you do happen to get some cement in your hook eye, run a stem of trim hackle or marabou through the eye to clean it out.

White Miller Soft Hackle

Hook: short shank dry #14
Thread: 8/0 light cahill Uni
Abdomen: pearl Ice Dub dubbed rough
Thorax: light shade Arizona Synthetic Peacock dubbed rough
Hackle: cream hen

~ by Darren M on December 10, 2009.

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