Brook Trout – Lew Oatman

I’ve been putting off trying this fly until now. It should be noted that while this pattern does appear under the name Baby Brook Trout or Little Brook Trout. With the little paint dots on the wing, a dual tone body and some fancy brushwork on the underside of the head, it is easy to see why. It is not an overly difficult fly to tie, but this extra detail requires some extra time put into it. While I am happy with how the fly turned out, I will try this again once I have some better paint for the detailing. Next attempt will see a tapered body and smaller dots on the wings. Here is my result.

Baby Brook Trout

Hook: CS15
Tail: A very small bunch of white hackle, over which is a very small bunch of black hackle, over which is a larger bunch of rich orange hackle, equal to the black and white together.
Body: The first 3/4 is white wool, the final 1/4 salmon pink wool (I omitted)
Rib: Medium flat gold tinsel.
Throat: The same as the tail.
Wing: Four grizzly olive hackles, the two outside are painted with alternating yellow and red dots
Cheeks: Jungle cock, short and small.
Head: Olive green, painted white underneath.

Dick Talleur tied up a version of this fly that appeared on the cover of Fly Tyer back in the summer 2004 issue and the same fly also makes an appearance on the back cover of David Klausmeyer’s “Freshwater Streamers”. Check it out here. (.pdf)


~ by Darren M on November 25, 2009.

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