Lefty on Ebay

There are lots of cool thing up for bid this week on EBay, but I’m only gonna tell you about this one, cause I sort of have my eye on the others. This is a rare find and would actually make a nice addition in my office, but alas, I have my eye on a few other gems. If you can’t get the framed, fly though and still want some Lefty memorabilia, try picking up on of Lefty’s signed sports cards from the 2008 Donruss Sports Legends series. Mine just came in a couple weeks ago (#706 / 1250).

Lefty Kreh Trading Card

Lefty Kreh Trading Card

Click here for the framed fly auction.

Framed Lefty Kreh Deceiver

Framed Lefty Kreh Deceiver

Okay, one more. How about a Salmon fly tied by one of the modern masters, Mr. Poul Jorgensen.

Click here for the auction.

Poul Jorgensen Salmon Fly

Poul Jorgensen Salmon Fly

Happy bidding.

~ by Darren M on November 16, 2009.

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