Rangeleys Sesquicentennial

Thanks to Chris Del Plato from the Streamer List for this find. You may remember this fly plastered on the cover of Fly Tyer magazine a couple years back. The fly was designed and tied by Grey Wolf (Sam Claro) to commemorate the Rangeley’s 150th year, hence the name. A limited edition of 50 framed flies were produced, all dressed on hooks 50 years or older. It is mounted in a handmade wood framed and includes a Gold plate inscribed “Celebrating 150 Years 1855-2005” along with Gray Wolf’s signature. You can find the auction here, but hurry as it is ending shortly. Happy bidding.


Rangeleys Sesquicentennial

Rangeleys Sesquicentennial

Rangeleys Sesquicentennial
Hook:8X-long John Willis hook (You can substitute with the Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hooks or the Heritage Allcock streamer hooks.)
Thread: 8/0 black
Tag: Silver tinsel
Body: Burnt orange silk floss
Rib: Embossed silver tinsel
Wing: Each side-2 purple hackles beneath 1 shorter orange hackle
Underwing: GP crest
Belly: Peacock herl, orange and purple bucktail
Throat: Orange hackle
Shoulder: Peacock breast
Eyes: Jungle cock nail


~ by Darren M on October 20, 2009.

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