Claret Wulff

Episode 44 from Rise Form Studios has resident tyer John Collins tying the Claret Wulff. This is a great pattern for any piece of water that has a Slate Drake/Isonychia hatch. Wulff flies are great and they float like a plasticized cork and so work well as an indicator fly, connecting a little nymph trailer.

One component of my strategy is to target rising Trout in broken water and glides. First, this makes it harder for the Trout to see you or any mistakes you may make. The second advantage is that the Trout has less time to scrutinize your fly and presentation. The Wulff Style fly is ideally suited for this exact situation. I am always shocked at how many times a Trout I am unaware of will slash at my fly, above or below the Trout I am targeting. These are also fantastic for a dry dropper set up. The extra buoyancy will let you get away with a larger or heavier nymph without sinking the top fly. Twist up a few and cash in on the Iso hatch.


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~ by Darren M on October 18, 2009.

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