Articulated Muddler

I’ve been seeing a huge increase in the amount of jointed or articulated flies over the past months. Kelly Galluop has an impressive collection including the Sex Dungeon and other titillatingly named hooks. This video is produced by Richard Strolis who you may remember from the Dirt Dart. This fly takes a while to tie, but the result is a chunky, meaty fly ready for big browns, bull trout, pike and bass.

An articulated version of the classic pattern which takes two hooks, a wire articulation point and create an even more movement producing pattern that turns trout inside out. Using the concept of a jointed bait pattern known oh so well by the bait casting community, this fly has it all. Alter the colors and hook sizes to make a slew of fish catching flies that will entice some of the bigger aggressive trout in your waters.

The video is a bit long, but is well worth the time to watch. Get out there and start creating your own articulated creations.

~ by Darren M on June 4, 2009.

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