BC Favourite – Yuri Shumakov

Yuri Shumakov is one of the premier tube tyers in the world. He has some spectacular flies tied in the “templedog” styled tubes. Here is one of Yuri’s creations, the BC Favourite.

BC Favourite - Yuri Shumakov

BC Favourite - Yuri Shumakov

Tube: Plastic, 1 inch
Tag: Oval silver tinsel
Butt: Purple tinsel
Tail: Red SLF Hanks
Body: Rear half: pearl tinsel, front half: purple holographic dub
Rib: Purple tinsel
Body hackle: Front half: deep purple cock
Wing: 2 strands purple Mirage flashabou, small bunch of polar bear fur died in purple;
magenta, purple Angel hair; bunch of polar fox tail fur dyed in black; over the wing 4 strands of black holographic flashabou
Front hackle: Cock dyed in black
Head: Black


~ by Darren M on August 29, 2008.

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