Fly Tying Finds on Ebay

I keep an eye out for collectibles on eBay all the time and you know there is always bound to be something on there that I can add to my collection of famous tyers. This week I found a couple great auctions from one of my favorite sellers and some art by a UK artist I have admired for some time.

Auction 1 is for a Dick Talleur feather wing streamer called the Shushan Postmaster. If you are not familiar with Dick, just open up a copy of Fly Tyer magazine to find some of the many articles he has written or head out to your local bookstore to pick up one of the numerous books he has authored. Years ago when I first started tying, it was one of his books that helped guide me through the ins and out of the art of dressing flies. Click here for the auction.

Dick Talleur Streamer

The second auction is a mounted, framed and signed Jock Scott from the famed tyer Ron Alcott. Surely a piece to be treasured in any collection. Click here for the auction.

Ron Alcott Jock Scott

The last item today is some artwork by Sarah Briston. She is a talented artist and her work is on display in my living room featuring flies tied by Damian Welsh. This auction is for 5 limited edition prints featuring flies from internationally renowned tyer Fabrizio Gajardoni. The prints include Popham 12/20, Sicilian 2/50, Speyside 3/50, Childers 7/50 and McIntyre 2/50. If you plan to bid, hurry as the auction closes later today. Click here for the auction.

Happy eBaying.


~ by Darren M on June 28, 2008.

One Response to “Fly Tying Finds on Ebay”

  1. Neat, I’ll keep my eye on the auctions to see how the prices go. Collecting originals may be a game for rich people…


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