Sex Dungeon

I can just imagine who’s going to visit the site once the keywords Sex Dungeon get into Google for this site. Here is a wallpaper of a Kelly Galloup fly called the “Sex Dungeon”. Kelly has some great pattern with some even more creative names including the Zoo Cougar and the Heifer Groomer. Here is a downloadable wallpaper from Fly Fusion Magazine for your desktop.

Sex Dungeon

Click one of the sizes below to get an image and then just right click to save it.

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~ by Darren M on January 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sex Dungeon”

  1. I’m banking on that fly to pay some nice dividends this year in AK. I like the variation Charlie Craven whipped up with the bunny.

  2. […] 17, 2008 in FliesTags: Daily Fly Paper Blog, Flies, Galloup, Sex Dungeon Meet the Sex Dungeon pattern, tied by Kelly Galloup and reported in The Daily Fly Paper […]

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