Tying the Simple Shad

I just bumped into the Fly Fish Ohio site and was happy to see that they have a nice archive of fly tying articles and video building up. This is a nice minnow pattern tied to represent a Gizzard Shad, a fish that lives in abundance in the Great Lakes region. This is a fairly realistic pattern and I can see the beauty of this thing once it gets soaked. Tied up by Mr. Joe Cornwall and a pattern worth a look.

Click Here for a full step by step tutorial of the fly and to view the videos of the tying sequence.


Hook – Gamakatsu SC15, or equivalent stainless or nickel-plated short-shank hook.
Size 4 to 2/0
Thread – White 8/0 (70 denier) or clear mono
Pillow – Red Antron yarn or dubbing
Under-body – Pearl Krystal Flash
Belly – White Icelandic Sheep
Wing – Minnow Gray over white Icelandic sheep
Topping – Peacock herl
Lateral Line – Holographic medium tinsel or a two strands of silver Krystal Flash
Cheek – Mallard flank


~ by Darren M on December 27, 2007.

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